Terms and Conditions

Ownership of Website, Software and Content; Trademarks

Semillas del Oceano is the owner of the www.semillasdeloceano.com website, the software constituting that website and of all copyright and other intellectual property rights in those assets.

The owner of each Hosted Journal is the owner of the combination of content of the Website for any Hosted Journal(s) owned by it. Semillas del Oceano is the owner of the combination of all content on Semillas del Oceano Websites, and of the look and feel of its Websites.

Neither Semillas del Oceano nor, unless otherwise specifically stated for a Journal, the owner of Hosted Journals owns, or claims ownership of, the copyright in articles you submit to any Journal – you (or your employer or funder) continue(s) to own the copyright in your articles. See below and the copyright statement for more information.

“Semillas del Oceano In” and “Loop” are registered trademarks of Semillas del Oceano. The names of Hosted Journals may constitute trade marks belonging to the owners of those Hosted Journals.

Your Rights as a User; Restrictions on Your Rights

As a user, registered or not, you may use all open functionalities of the Websites if you comply with all applicable conditions and rules. Some functionality may be restricted to registered users or to certain types of users (such as editors).

If you are a registered user, you may create links to Semillas del Oceano Websites from other respectable websites, but not from any website which does not comply with the requirements of these conditions. Semillas del Oceano, and/or any Journal owner, may remove any links and/or to require their removal, and you must comply with such a request. Semillas del Oceano and Journal owners are not responsible for the content of third-party websites.

Uploading of videos and similar materials is subject to all related rules, including third-party and intellectual property rules. Be aware of the warranties you give concerning your right to upload any content.

Rules on Content

All content submitted to any Website, whether or not peer-reviewed, must comply with these rules. This is your responsibility when you submit any article or content.

All content must:

  • be accurate or be genuinely believed to be accurate after duly rigorous investigation
  • only state opinions which are genuinely held
  • comply with all generally accepted scientific and academic norms and with all accepted citation rules and norms, and must give appropriate credit for contributions
  • comply with all accepted ethical rules and norms, including any ethical guidelines of Semillas del Oceano or of the Journal in question
  • not infringe any intellectual property rights (including copyright, moral rights and database rights) of any person
  • be the subject of any necessary consents and authorisations
  • not breach any conditions of any website or other forum from which that content was copied or derived, or to which you provide a link, or from which you have provided a link to our website
  • not be defamatory
  • not be malicious, offensive, discriminatory, threatening, racist, extremist; not promote hatred or violence or denigrate any person, group of people or set of beliefs, or provide any link to any such material
  • only be for the purpose of furthering scientific and academic discourse in good faith, and in particular not be for the purpose, or have the effect, of promoting any commercial offering, service, product or interest, without the prior explicit agreement of Semillas del Oceano or the owner of the relevant Journal
  • not give a false impression that it emanates from Semillas del Oceano or any Journal or is approved by Semillas del Oceano or the relevant Journal owner, or otherwise be misleading in any way
  • not be pornographic or indecent
  • remain polite and respectful, especially when disagreeing
  • not ascribe any negative psychological or other labels or descriptions to any named or identifiable person or group of people, without the specific, informed consent of the person or people concerned to such label or description being ascribed to him/her/them
  • not be for the purpose, or have the primary effect, of promoting any political, societal, religious or anti-religious views
  • not disclose confidential information, including personal data of others, without the consent of the owner of that information or data
  • comply with all applicable laws
  • not advocate, refer to or provide a link to any website or content which would itself infringe any of these principles.

Semillas del Oceano and/or another relevant Journal Owner may remove any content, or retract peer-reviewed articles, at their respective discretion. You may also request deletion of content, such requests will be considered in their context. A place-holder may be inserted to indicate that a comment has been deleted. Deleted comments may be retained for the record.

Semillas del Oceano and other Journal Owners are not responsible for content posted by their users, including the content of peer-reviewed articles.

Content you post will by default be visible to others. You may alter your settings to reduce access to your content (but not to peer-reviewed articles) by editing the default settings for each post you make.

Any content posted by you may be commented on, copied, quoted and linked to by others.

Availability; Viruses and Attacks; Bugs and Errors

Semillas del Oceano endeavours, through active maintenance, to ensure that Websites remain available, bug-free and error-free, but the need for planned and emergency maintenance and the nature of software development mean that no absolute guarantee can be given. We will do what we can to give adequate warning of any planned downtime and to minimise unplanned downtime.

We may from time to time withdraw services. Withdrawn services may or may not be replaced with others.

You are strongly advised to keep back-ups of any content which you do not wish to lose.

Semillas del Oceano adopts industry-standard measures to minimise the risk of attacks, viruses, other harmful code and hackers. Given that our platform exists to permit the contribution of content, and given the constant efforts of those with ill intent, we can not guarantee that any Website, or links posted by users, will be free from third-party viruses and other malicious third-party software or that we will always be successful in preventing attacks from succeeding. We will continue in our efforts both to prevent such occurrences and to minimise their impact on us and on our users.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are prohibited on all Websites, and can result in your registration being suspended or terminated, which Semillas del Oceano expressly reserves the right to do, and in your being liable for damages to Semillas del Oceano, other Journal Owners and/or to other third parties.

  • Gaining or attempting to gain access to another user’s account without that user’s explicit and informed permission
  • Disguising your identity when interacting in any way on any Websites
  • Any activity which is designed to, or is likely to, cause any harm or damage to Semillas del Oceano, to other Journal Owners, to any of Semillas del Oceano’ suppliers or to any users of Semillas del Oceano’ facilities
  • Any attempt to copy, hack or reverse-engineer the code forming any Website or any functionality offered by any Website
  • Any act intended or likely to cause any damage to any Website, its availability on the internet, its underlying software or the reputation of Semillas del Oceano or any other Journal Owner, including (but not limited to) denial of service attacks
  • Uploading or placing on any Website, or on any website to which you provide links, of any virus or other harmful or undesirable code
  • Any fraudulent, harmful or illegal activity
  • Any attempt to gain unauthorised access to databases or other resources of Semillas del Oceano or its suppliers
  • Posting or linking to any content which does not comply in all respects with the content requirements set out in these conditions
  • Posting of any personal information of any other person without that person’s explicit informed consent
  • The posting of any commercial or promotional content, or any content which includes promotion of any commercial or business offering, without a specific agreement with Semillas del Oceano in that respect
  • The mounting or promotion of any pyramid scheme or other multi-level marketing scheme
  • Reproduction, duplication, copying or re-selling any part of any Semillas del Oceano website except for good-faith reliance on explicit licences or as otherwise specifically permitted by these Conditions or following the specific and explicit agreement of Semillas del Oceano.